Workshop Photos by Manuel Ballester

Miniworkshop on Quantum Tomography
February 28 - March 5     Working group on Quantum Tomography

> From Utrecht


Richard Gill

Talk on March 2 2pm: Reconciliation of Bayes and frequentist approaches to state estimation


Manuel Ballester

Talk on March 3 3pm: Estimation of SU(d) using entanglement, the d>2 case


> From Eurandom - Eindhoven


Madalin Guta

Talk on March 3 2pm: On quantum statistical experiments


> From Paris


Jonas Kahn

Talk on March 3 11am: Penalization Methods in Quantum Tomography


Cristina Butucea

Talk on March 2 11am: Wigner function estimation via QHT with errors - rates and optimality

  > From Barcelona
  Ramon Muņoz Tapia

Talk on March 2 3.30pm: Qubit pure state estimation