October 2004 - October 2005 , Pavia

We will have a workshop of 10 months, starting from October 2004 and ending July 2005, with small working groups of researchers visiting the QUIT Group at Pavia. Each visitor/working group will stay for a period of time varying from a few days to two weeks, with a few exceptional longer visits of a month. Few visitors will be also invited to teach two-week mini-courses on topics of the workshop.

Funding is available to cover local expenses [no travel] or to pay short contracts, from our Italian grant (MIUR). Different funds are regulated by different rules (see bureaucracy tips).

The workshop will be interdisciplinary, grouping physicists, mathematicians, statisticians and computer scientists, also with the objective of developing a common language and bridging cultural gaps between the different disciplines.

A starting list of visitors with visiting dates is available in the following, it will be regularly updated, and will work as a condensation point for the groups of visitors. Visiting of young scientists will be encouraged. Also, external proposals to join existing groups or to start new groups will be considered, depending on availability of funds and local logistics.

Advisory Scientific Committee

Giacomo Mauro D'Ariano, ...

Local Organizing Committee

Paolo Perinotti, Massimiliano Sacchi.


The main purpose is to develop general methods for engineering new quantum measurements and quantum operations for application to Quantum cryptography and to Processing of Quantum Information. The workshop will also cross-fertilizatize current researches on Foundations on Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Measurements. The topics that will form the core of the activity will be:
  1. Foundations and Quantum theory of Measurements and Open Systems:
    1. Programmability of Measurements and Quantum Operations;
    2. Convex Structures of Channels, Measurements, and States;
    3. Ultra-sensitive Measurements;
  2. Applications:
    1. Quantum Cryptography;
    2. Applications of Entanglement to Measurements, Communications, and Quantum Processing ;
    3. Quantum and Classical Capacity of Channels;
  3. Algebraic Approaches and Group-Theoretical Methods;
  4. Quantum Turing machines;

Starting list of visitors

Period Visitor From Homepage Research topics
November 2-3 Giancarlo Ghirardi Trieste Quantum Measurements, Entanglement

Talk on November 2 at 2 pm: Nonlocality without inequalities for almost all entangled states of any quantum system

October 25-31 Susana Huelga Hertfordshire Entanglement

Talk on October 26 at 10.30 am: Noise-assisted processes and quantum information theory

October 24-27 Viacheslav Belavkin Nottingham Metrics for Channel and POVM's

Talk on October 26 at 9.30 am: Quantum Causality and Eventum Mechanics

October 1 - March 31 Filippo Caruso Catania Quantum Information

Sponsored by Scuola Superiore di Catania

Miniworkshop on Quantum Open Systems
October 25-26   Milano, Genova, Trento, Pavia, Hertfordshire   Working group on Quantum Open Systems

> From Milano


Ludovico Lanz Talk on October at 3 pm: Quantum mechanics as an essentially incomplete theory, to be completed inside non equilibrium field theory

Bassano Vacchini Talk on October 26 at 11.30 am: Decoherence in quantum mechanical systems


Matteo Gregoratti Talk on October 25 at 3 pm: On quantum error-correction by classical feedback in discrete time

Alberto Barchielli Talk on October 25 at 2 pm: Instruments and channels in quantum information theory
  > From Trento
  Franco Fagnola Talk on October 25 at 11.30 am: The asymptotic behaviour of master equations: a two-photon absorption and emission process
  Veronica Umanita'
  > From Genova
    Gianni Cassinelli
Claudio Carmeli Talk on October 26 at 2 pm: Covariant POVM: an overview and some recent results
Alessandro Toigo
  > From Pavia
  Raffaella Carbone Talk on October 25 at 4 pm: Positive semigroups on M2(C): optimal log-sobolev inequality and hypercontractivity
  > From Hertfordshire
  Susana Huelga Talk on October 26 at 10.30 am: Noise-assisted processes and quantum information theory
  > From Nottingham
  Viacheslav Belavkin Talk on October 26 at 9.30 am: Quantum Causality and Eventum Mechanics
February 3 Marco Genovese IEN Galileo Ferraris Torino Quantum calibration. Nonlocality.

Review of recent experimental studies on Foundations of Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Information at "Carlo Novero" lab at IENGF

February 3 Augusto Garuccio Bari Nonlocality.

Il paradosso Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen (EPR): 70 anni dopo

February 20 - March 5 Jonas Kahn Paris-Sud 11 State estimation and tomography

March 1 Kalyanapuram Rangachari Parthasaraty New Delhi State estimation

Estimation of the state of a finite level quantum system

Miniworkshop on Quantum Tomography
February 28 - March 5     Working group on Quantum Tomography

Workshop Photos by Manuel Ballester


> From Utrecht


Richard Gill

Talk on March 2 2pm: Reconciliation of Bayes and frequentist approaches to state estimation


Manuel Ballester

Talk on March 3 3pm: Estimation of SU(d) using entanglement, the d>2 case


> From Eurandom - Eindhoven


Madalin Guta

Talk on March 3 2pm: On quantum statistical experiments


> From Paris


Jonas Kahn

Talk on March 3 11am: Penalization Methods in Quantum Tomography


Cristina Butucea

Talk on March 2 11am: Wigner function estimation via QHT with errors - rates and optimality

  > From Barcelona
  Ramon Muņoz Tapia

Talk on March 2 3.30pm: Qubit pure state estimation

April 29 Gianni Cassinelli Genova, Italy Group theoretical methods

Talk on April 29, 11AM: Proprieta' delle sottorappresentazioni di una rappresentazione indotta e loro applicazioni

May 9-14 Masahito Hayashi Tokyo, Japan State estimation on multiple copies

Lectures on Quantum Estimation and Information: May 9, 4-6PM; May 10,11,12, 2-4PM

Mp3 files with lectures: L1a L1b L1c

Seminar on estimation of squeeziong TALK paper

May 9-11 Richard Gill Utrecht, Holland Quantum measurements

Talk on May 10, 4PM: Asymptotic lower bounds to global Bayes risk in state estimation

May 16-17 David Vitali Camerino, Italy Quantum computation, implementations

Talk on May 16 5PM: A cavity-QED scheme for Heisenberg-limited interferometry

May 16-17 Simone Montangero Pisa, Scuola Normale Quantum Chaos

Talk on May 16, 4PM: Dynamics of entanglement in a quantum computers with imperfections

May 16-20 Paolo Zanardi Torino, Italy Algebraic methods and entanglement

Talk on May 18, 11AM: Quantum entanglement relativity and virtual quantum subsytems

May 16-20 Alioscia Hamma Torino, Italy Group theoretical methods and entanglement

Talk on May 18, 10AM: Bipartite entanglement and area law with group-theoretic methods

May 16-19 Fabrizio Illuminati Salerno, Italy Continuous variables, entanglement

Talk on May 18, 2PM: Bipartite and multipartite entanglement in continuous -variable systems: properties and applications

May 16-31 Mario Ziman Bratislava, Slovakia Decoherence, entanglement

Talk on May 18, 04PM: Collision models, entanglement and master equation

May 18-27 Hubert de Guise Thunder Bay, Canada Group theoretical approaches

Talk on May 20, 11AM: Understanding the asymptotic limits of the SU(2) and SU(3) Wigner d-functions

May 19-20 Alexander Sergienko Boston, USA Quantum Cryptography and Quantum Measurements: experiments

Talk on May 19 11AM: Engineered Entanglement in Quantum Cryptography and Quantum Measurement

May 20-24 Horace Yuen Northwestern US Quantum cryptography

Talk on May 23, 3PM: Unconditionally Secure Quantum Bit Commitment

May 20-24 Masanao Hozawa Tohoku, Japan Quantum measurements

Talk on may 23, 2PM: Uncertainty Principle Revisited

May 22-27 Martin Roetteler NEC, Princeton, USA Covariant state discrimination

Talk on May 24 11AM: "The Mean King Revisited"

May 22-26 Burkard Kuemmerer Darmstadt Algebraic approaches

Talk on May 24, 10AM: Ergodic theory for repeated quantum measurement

May 23-27 Lara Faoro Rutgers, USA Channels

Talk on May 24 2PM: Quantum TLSs and Kondo like traps as possible sources of decoherence in superconducting qubits

May 25-28 Denes Petz Budapest, Hungary Algebraic methods, entropy

Lectures on May 26 2-4PM, May 27 11-13AM:A mini course on quantum relative entropy

May 28-30 Ole E. Barndorff-Nielsen Aarhus, Denmark Stochastics

Talk on may 30, 11AM: Infinite Divisibility and Associated Processes

May 29-31 Nicolas Cerf Bruxelles Quantum Cloning

Talk on May 30, 10AM: Capacity of bosonic Gaussian channels with memory

May 30-31 Tommaso Calarco Trento, BEC center Implementations

Talk on May 30, 3PM, Aula Dottorato: Quantum information processing with cold bosons and fermions

Miniworkshop on Quantum Measurements and Foundations
Oct. 8-12 Marcus Appleby Queen Mary, University of London Probability Interpretations

Talk on Oct. 11 at 11AM, Aula Dottorato:: Probability: Physical Fact or State of Belief?

Oct. 11 Federico Laudisa Milano Bicocca Causality

Talk on Oct. 11, 2PM, Aula Dottorato: Causation: why do we need it in science?

Oct. 9-21 Dirk Schlingeman Braunschweig Algebraic approaches

Talk on Oct. 11 at 3PM Aula Dottorato: On quantum information processing with graph states

Oct. 10-15 Jos Uffink Utrecht Quantum Measurements

Talk on Oct. 11 at 4PM: Quadratic Bell in equalities as test for multipartite entanglement

Oct. 9-15 Rafal Dobrzanski Polish Academy of Sciences State estimation and correlations

Talk on Oct. 12 at 2PM Aula Dottorato: State estimation on correlated copies

Oct. 11-16 Guido Bacciagaluppi Paris 1 Nonlocality interpretations

Talk on Oct. 12 at 3PM, Aula Dottorato: Nonlocality and Classical Correlations